Rafael Angeline.

Web Developer.

UI/UX Designer.

Software Engineer.

Handcrafted Solutions and Experiences.

    A Bit About Me.

    The guy you can trust to build smart and flexible solutions. Oh, I love challenges too.

    I’m based in São Paulo, Brazil. I've had contact with software development since I was 11 years old and now I’m 23 years old, so it's been a while...

    Super Power: Pixel Perfect Eyes (if something is 1px off, I just can't sleep without adjusting it - is this good?!)

    I've studied Computer Engineering at Maua University.

    Intense love for everything about Web & Mobile, is it passion or love?!

    Game Development is a secret passion I do have (don't tell anyone!)

    Hobbies: I love to learn new languages and cultures! That's a lot of work, but I can't help it!

    Great management skills and smart delegation of tasks are things that I’m proud to have.

    I'm really nice and social! Yeah, I can communicate well and give/understand ideas! So, get in touch, I love to talk about ideas!

    Bonus: I love sports, Netflix, pizza, candy and I have a dog + cat!

    • Ideas/Briefing

      We discuss the details and ideas.

    • Planning

      Drafts, Drafs and Drafts.

    • Prototype

      Let's see if it works.

    • Polishing

      Details, Details and Details.

    • Optimization

      It should be fast/optimal.

    • Deployment

      Let's show it to the public.

    • Support

      Yep, I take care of your product.

    User Experience

    Users love interfaces that just work, are they easy to build? No, but I accept the challenge.

    Javascript, React, Node.JS

    I love Javascript! I use this stack a lot to build from web applications to mobile apps, from prototype to deployment!

    Sketch and Framer

    It's really cheaper & better to build a interactive prototype, before actually coding it. Customers always love it!

    Cloud Services

    I enjoy the challenges corporate services bring to the table. Docker & Kubernetes are friends!

    App Development

    Android, iOS. With mobile apps you get closer to your customer, I'm used to design interfaces and code them all <3


    WordPress deserves a unique place here, from plugins to themes (and REST API), I can build the perfect solution.


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