A bit about me.

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About Rafael Angeline.

This is Rafael Angeline's about page, welcome! Living in São Paulo- Brazil. I've had contact with software development when I was a young 11 years old boy. I’m 29 now, so... it's been a while! :) I've studied Software Engineering at Maua University.


First of all, I'm easy to work with; becoming a friend quickly! I have experience working remotely and using agile methods, where the product is actually delivered and improved!

WordPress - Javascript - React - Node - CSS are one of many tools I use to do my job. That's a bit about Rafael, a friendly Senior Software Engineer :)

User Experience

Users love interfaces that just work, are they easy to build? No, but I accept the challenge.

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Cloud Services

I enjoy the challenges corporate services bring to the table. Docker & Kubernetes are friends!

Rafael Angeline - JS, React, Node.JS

Javascript, React, Node.JS

I love Javascript! I use this stack a lot to build from web applications to mobile apps!

App Development

Android, iOS. With mobile apps you get closer to your customer, I'm used to design interfaces and code them all

Rafael Angeline - App Development

Sketch and Framer

It's really cheaper & better to build a interactive prototype, before actually coding it. Customers always love it!


WordPress deserves a unique place here, from plugins to themes (and REST API), I can build the perfect solution.