Creating my new website.

Updating my website was in my to-do list a long time already, when I finally got a bit of time to do it, I thought “Why not use some modern stack like React, Next.JS and integrate it with Serverless Deployments?”.

Would be a great opportunity to showcase the skills I got after working in a few Web Apps projects and here we are; besides that, I made my portfolio open source and everybody may check the code at GitHub.

I also wanted to make it fully tested using Jest and document all the components available in a style guide – those were nice-to-have but in the end, I just added this to project’s requirements.

The solution stack.

The project is composed by a simple API to fetch projects, sitemap generator and the website itself.

Using Serverless deployment every page and function becomes a lambda function, which cost way less than keeping a server instance while keeping performance and scability up.

The sitemap and API is powered by Node.JS - while the front-end is powered by Next.js.

Tests with Jest

Jest was used to test the components and keep everything under control. Since I do not update the website too much, it's easier to avoid bugs keeping the tests up-to-date.

Rafael Angeline Project - Jest tests passing

All green, all good! <3